Urdhva Muhka Svanasana and the lunch: tomato paste, cheese, pastry and pear :)

For the asana, my shoulders should be a bit more towards my feet and downwards.
For the food, I am alone this week at home, so no cooking :) Going raw, yumm. Except maybe for a broccoli-noodle soup.

I started the primary Gildoff style (below) - saw it at Ursula's blog. I always felt uncomfortable at Utthitta Hasta Padangustasana, and now I learned that it was added after the whole primary series were practiced. My back sometimes hurts and there are so many interesting asanas towards the end; and there is a version of Utthitta Hasta Padangustasana while lying (Supta Padangusthasana)... I feel better to skip the last two standing asanas. I am not skipping the rotating asanas, I have been doing them for a long time and I do not feel weird when doing them now. But Utthitta Hasta Padangustasana, good bye for now, maybe see you in couple of weeks. I love the last asanas, especially I love dropping from Supta Konasana. It's so much fun! It's amazing that you do not hit the heels when you let yourself go. This is a play with the fear :) And Vinyasas are not forced in between each asana. I like that as well. Since I am starting after a long break of thesis writing and stressful times, that is just an awesome series for me. I do each asana in finishing. No removing asanas from it.

I am the queen of procrastination today. This is changing though.. Changing..

Ashtanga yoga how it was taught in the old days to Nancy Gilgof and David Williams
Three each of Surya Namaskara A and B, 
Standing postures through to Parsvottanasana,
Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana etc. and Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana (added after learning all primary).
(Utkatasana and Virabhadrasana added in 1980s).

Jump through to Dandasana.
Vinyasa (?)
Ardha baddha padma Paschimottanasana ( No vinyasa between sides).
Vinyasa (?)
Tireng Mukkha Eka pada Paschimottanasana (No vinyasa between sides).
Vinyasa (?)
Janu Sirsasana A, B, and C (Done together, no vinyasa between sides or variations right side, left side of A, right, left of B, right, left of C).
Marichyasana A, B, C, and D (done together no vinyasas between sides or variations).
Navasana x 3
Bhuja pindasana
Vinyasa (?)
Supta kurmasana
vinyasa (?)
garbha pindasana 
Vinyasa (?)
Baddha Konasana, Upavishta Konasana, and Supta Konasana (No vinyasas between sides).
Supta hasta pasdangustasana
Supta parsvasahita
Ubhaya Padangusthasana and Urdhva Mukha
Paschimottanasana (done together, simply change the hand position).
Setu Bandhasana,

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