Today's practice was so great I could have no idea that it was new moon, which means I was not supposed practice at all.. I remembered that just couple of hours ago.Well anyway at least no back pains etc. Last time when I practiced in full moon with my moon days on, I hurt my back! So I am kinda scared not to follow the rules. 

I am studying during the day. My soul arrived here two days  after 3000 km travelling (well it took 3 hours by plane) and me not wanting to travel at all this time. Guess loosing my vagabond soul. But today I am feeling like myself finally -well myself in a transition way anyway---

So anywhoo, I am supposed to finish preparing my talk in couple of days. I really want to give this talk, really do, hope the presentation will be great cos' it's really the core topics that I've been working...New Approaches to the Kantian Intuitions of Mathematical Objects , yup that's what the talk is about... Wish me luck..

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