Shadow of Utthita Parshvasahita from today's practice in my parents living room

Since I am in Izmir, and since I am not skipping any vinyasa till navasana, I sweat like ... well there are no words for it, but drips are coming from everywhere during the practice. My practices are beautiful nowadays, I do them around 7 pm, when sun starts to set and when I cannot study further. This empties my mind and I can go back to study for about one more hour. 

I am working on the vinyasas and jumping back and through. Ugh so hard, so so hard, the other day, I was trying to jump back from a sitting pose, suddenly tears came out of my eyes, I mean I was really crying as if somebody pushed a button. It took 10 seconds and I was so surprised cos' it happened so suddenly and I was not even emotional. 

My paper is coming out alright, I would like to be more focused and have people around to discuss the project but I lack the latter luxury for more than a year now.. Maybe I should blog my research..Everyday... Why not? Something to think about. 

Have a lovely weekend, mine is gonna be most probably a full time study weekend... It's OK, most of the time I luuvvv studying..

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