Yesterday morning, I woke up without an alarm clock at 7 am and practiced to Sharath's Yoga Video. It's quite fast, but it's almost my pace when I practice at home, so, for now, it will be perfect. I am so out of shape and have been skipping many asanas for the last month -moving, back aches, dissertation chapter deadlines, I can count more excuses-- but my legs are terribly sore after yesterday's practice .. And I went to bed at 10:30 yesterday night since I could not stay awake -which by the way never happens to me at night!- I was happy -thinking "yup I will wake up at 7 by myself and practice". But no sir, I slept 12 hours!! 12 hours! I do not know if it was the German CV I was preparing yesterday which took me 5 hours only for having the first draft (!), or my fast and intense practice for an hour which led by Sharath; but I felt so tired this morning. And now all I want to do is leave the library and go home and practice. I guess that's what I will do now and read the Colloquium's paper tomorrow.. I should write about the paper I read recently too, I did not get to that.. Tomorrow: Colloquium's paper,  Sutherland's paper commentary, early Yoga practice.. 

I love in the picture how kids stop the cars..

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