In my dream I was dropping back to urdhva dhanurasana... So effortlessly, so comfortably... I did not even come close to try it from the standing position yet. But I was so happy! Well I am also happy in real life that I could practice for the last two days -yet moderately as much as my back allows, there is still a little pain.

The picture was taken yesterday in Boxhagener Platz Flohmarkt, where I got a beautiful dress for 2 euros, the dress I am wearing as I type these words. It was a great Sunday with great coffees, conversations, hefeweizens and with the rain after the heat... Did I ever mention that I love Berlin? :)

And my camera is so close to being a trash, although I kinda like the effects in some photos that it's making uncontrollably...

These are my last moments today in the library. Finally finished the piece I have been dragging around for a w-h-i-l-e now.. Tomorrow I need to write about it before the ideas start to run away from my head...

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