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Haste… What is it and what causes it?  Never ending rush … Worrying too much… Thinking that multitasking is good…. Craving approval and taking too much responsibility. .. Or just wanting to get to the result, to the end of the book, to care about not “how” things are happening but “what “ happens in the end… Or thinking: OK this is the last errand I will take care of before getting to the main job… And the main thing is still there after several days waiting for you to deal with it.

With the speed of twitter, facebook, emails, haste is controlling our lives. Texting immediately with shortened words, sending birthday messages without even trying to remember them anymore (FB reminds them to us anyway), ordering from Amazon and getting it in your Kindle in 3 seconds; we cannot lead a slow pace life yet we do not conquer more goals despite the speedy “hasty” pace.

Haste is a disease that makes us live our lives tangentially; we are so close to do the real thing we want to do but we can only touch it at one point from time to time.

Haste… how to conquer it? Or how to be friends with it maybe? Still do not know. 

And now for something completely different… "To connect we just have to be vulnerable": watch here. It left my eyes misty, such a good one...

And for something totally different, I hate technological things being so slow in Europe. We had an appointment for connecting our phone line for the internet three weeks after application and they did not even show up on the day... So no internet still... I am mad  and come on..... this is 21st century! And my back hurts could not practice yoga for ages and this is a vicious circle, no yoga ->back ache, back ache-> no yoga. 

I miss my yoga practices and thinking and writing about them, it's such a different mood. And today it's a big come back for the dissertation. I have been in the library since morning. And aiming to finish one of the readings I have been carrying for so long..

Have good weekend! Oz

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