Weekend Love

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I love Friedrichshain, look how the sun smiles at it.. The days are slowing down, finally. The weekend was long and had very different parts, which felt like it lasted for a week. The delicious Turkish food cooked by E (she is an amazing cook! thank you thank you thank you :)) Good music, great pubs, bars, studying, going to the movies, flee market, trying to reach the lake for rowing for hours in vain, but S bahns, poor S bahns, the snow came for them too early and it was impossible to travel with them uninterrupted. In the end no lake no rowing.. Ah my kindle, my kindle... it is not romantic but very practical.. Trying to getting used to it.. And my new addiction in Last Fm, the Boards of Canada and Polygon Window make studying just much more easier and fun...And looking for sleds, for fun sleds.. In the mean time wishing you a very happy week!

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