I bumped my head coming out of this pose, Bhujapidasana B. The key to come out of it to use the last bit of exhale and the gap between the exhale and inhale to get the power from your bandhas, I was thinking too much and I was hasty and I bumped my head so hard. Which felt like a warning. I hadn't been hasty for a while. Do you know how it is like living your life from the stomach..?  Physically and emotionally.. Too much thinking is not good, so living from the stomach could be a good choice. Anyway, I bumped my head.. And I keep dropping things, feeling hasty, there are times I am about to fall so much.. So the brain needs some holidays... If it's not for work, - well I earn my money from thinking-, thinking too much is not so good. I do not want to bump my head again, so hello stomach, can we get friendly again and give the brain a bit of vacation?

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