Weekend Love

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I feel like the luckiest girl in the world...I found a female climbing partner! Finally... I always dreamed of such a day. It changes so many things, and you are there as not the princess the guys helping but two climbers - thinking together and supporting and having so much fun. Don't get me wrong, I love the feeling of the princesshood, but not in sports, it's a different world for me that I exist in with a totally wild nature... I haven't been climbing for so long I forgot how much fun it was. And the weekend starting from Friday morning was a yoga, beach volley, climbing marathon which I sometimes felt like a freak. I do not want to overdo things, but I cannot refrain myself from not doing them. It's just so much fun this way.  And we will be brave enough to walk on the slack line next time.. It releases the tension they say.. LOL. Releasing tension, walking on a tide rope, 50 meters high from  the floor!

And above adorable friends of mine, are visiting me and Berlin. It was a very nice get together. And an amazing, sunny but a very cold Sunday. The cold did not stop me from passing the Oberbaumbrucke with my bike and admiring my favorite view in whole Europe...

And this week passed so fast as similar to all past weeks... Before I knew it, it was Friday, my mouth dropped open and I just could not catch up with the time. Sigh...

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