BHUJA PIDASANABeach Volley -Womans Semifinal - USA vs. Brazil

That's how my day was today.. Yoga practices are so good nowadays. My bellowed academic adviser, once upon a time, told me that it's not the practice that makes perfect, it's the controlled practice.. And it's so true. Everyday in Mysore classes, I learn at least one tip that makes a move easier, better, more fun. Did I tell you that my instructors are great in Ashtanga Yoga Berlin? Well you might hear it more :) Never seen such group of nice and fun people together.. My favorite pose is the above one nowadays, bhujapidasana...It's quite fun when your head touches the ground.

And today I attended my first beach volley practice. It felt amazing to be running all around in the marvelous, thin sand in this gloomy and cold weather (of course it's an indoor beach center :)

It's full moon tomorrow and no practices... I was so tired when I got home, I fell asleep at 9pm and of course now I am up fully awake (It's 2 am, sigh..) And I have got so much studying to do tomorrow, hope that goes well.

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