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Some photos belong to last Sunday, the ones which were taken in Iskele- Urla... The water is turning red like the Red Sea in the north of Urla....Lots of planktons were suddenly dead due to unexpected temperature change, so we get the muddy sea side in the daylight but amazing view when the sun sets...Temporarily they say..And I say, hopefully..

It was a loong weekend again, with only a little study time of course... We went to Cesme for a bit of fun and relaxation. It was so lovely since the crazy crowd is gone. My allergies came with us...Hence, only half the experience for me. With the antihistaminics and the mucus in my brain I was lucky to even swim safely. But now I have a great homeopathic cure which I think is working so anyone with long lasting hay fever come and see me.. . Our breakfast was amazing in Alacati- Imran, which I have no photos, but as I said it was amazing, we could not even think of taking any pictures..

Did you like my parents decoration for "under the walnut tree"? These are old arm chairs and I think it's one of the loveliest views I have ever seen. Good work Nursen.

And my marvelous cousin loved the Ashtanga yoga when she practiced with me. Eventually she was so good at it in one day, she could lecture by sitting on and passing under me in every position available...

Aaand, we made grape molasses and wine this morning... I can only upload a photo from my first molasses making days. I was dead tired and still either sick or allergic, so could only concentrate the work to be done. There is still some work for tomorrow with the molasses, maybe I can get some good photos.

I hope this week happens to be a great one for all of you!

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