Surya Namaskar B

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These calming images are via this talented photoghrapher 
Sun salutation, the surya namaskar B is the second opening/ warm up sequence in Primary Series for Ashtanga Yoga.  Below you can find the moves and explanations for them. Dristhi is your inner gaze. I have difficulty with fixing both the inner and the outer gaze... Whenever you get used to an asana, it's just harder to concentrate on it. The eyes want to wander, the mind wants to wander... And when you start to think everything becomes harder. The days I manage to not think about other things, even not the next asana, I feel very energized during and after the practice, uh but it's not easy, not easy at all....

The ideal amount for Surya Namaskar A and Surya Namaskar B is five repetition, the full circle..

Asana NameSanskrit CountBreathDrishti
Urdhva VrikasanaEkaInhaleAngustha Ma Dyai /Thumb
Uttanasana ADueExhaleNasagrai / Nose
Uttanasana BTriniInhaleNasagrai / Nose
Chaturanga DandasanaChatuariExhaleNasagrai / Nose
Urdhva Mukha SvanasanaPanchaInhaleNasagrai / Nose
Adho Mukha SvanasanaShatExhale, 5 breathsNabi Chakra / Navel
Uttanasana BSaptaInhaleNasagrai / Nose
Uttanasana AAshtauExhaleNasagrai / Nose
Urdhva VrikasanaNavaInhaleAngustha Ma Dyai /Thumb

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