5 - Chaturanga Dandasana

Chaturanga dandasana/ four-limbed staff pose is still part of the surya namaskars/ sun salutations  in ashtanga yoga. Use your full exhale from uttasana b to come to this pose with ujjayi breathing. You can jump back, walk with small steps, or walk in two big steps, it looks like the push up, but your forearms should not go away from your body, inside the elbows should be towards where your eyes are looking. And ends of each finger should touch the ground firmly.  You are still exhaling by the way. Bring the chest down, dristhi / the gaze is at the nose. If you do not have enough strength in your arms put your knees down when you start this pose, in time you will build enough strength. With the inhale and rolling over the toes you will come into urdhva mukha svanasana/ upward facing dog. Let the breath lead you, if you think or do not follow the breath, you will realize that you become tired much more quickly... So just let the breath lead you, seriously you do not need to do anything else, ah and of course engage your bandhas always and ever. 

Have a good practice all the yogis and yoginis!

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