Blogosphere Friday

Image via abbysharp from canlasphotography... 
The best design and the most beautiful photography I have ever seen in both blogs...

I was already thinking of getting a tattoo, and this one is so cool. 
Shall I just get it? I have many many ideas for a new tattoo. I got my first one 11 years ago and against the rule I did not get other ones. But I have been really thinking thinking about a new tattoo nowadays.. Sshhh..

The first steps from my favorite blog ...
 I adore this blog, Mama Bear has an amazing eye for photography and Baby Bear is the cutest baby I have ever seen I think..

Edor, my new find via cup of joe
Very tasty necklaces...

Sebastian Bremer's amazing photos. 
How smart to use these lenses with color drops..

The weekend is here and I did not open even one page for academy. Well not true,  I opened one, read one paragraph four times, did not get one single word out of it, took out an Elle magazine from the shelves of the cafe I have been sitting -with an AC!- Buried my head in the colorful world of fashion and consumption in desperation. When will my brain will start to function normally again? This year I experienced 62 Celsius degrees of change in my life. I was in Berlin in the coldest days (-22) and in Izmir in the warmest days (40).. Hang on there my little brain, I kinda need you for my job.. Please?

Anyhow... Very happy, relaxing, cool, rejuvenating weekend for all...

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