Swimming and allergies

We went to swimming here yesterday. Krumme Lanke, image via here. Oh and in winter you can skate on it!

Kaan has fever and infection in his throat and lungs. My sister has rush all over her body. They are both so far away -physically- I cannot do anything to help but just think about them and listen. I do hope that they will feel spectacular in a few days, and will take good care of themselves.

On the other hand I was so fine until yesterday night, then I either came down with a cold or horrible allergies. I cannot stop sneezing and my nose is a waterfall. But I feel fine. Planning to go Strandband Wansee for a swim. I was in the library for couple of hours (high five :)) Will I be able to run through the lit gardens tonight? We'll see. I really like where I live in Berlin

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