Hello again, it's getting cold outside

That's us in Bozburun-Turkey 4 years ago...

It was a crazy week. Kaan got here for our 4th anniversary. I prepared a lovely surprise dinner for us to eat at 12 am in the garden with many candles near the tiny teeny pond. It was so relaxing, nice...

Everything was last minute. We decided for him to come at 2 pm and he was here around 11 pm. Then surprise surprise he got us tickets to Turkey for our dear friend's wedding.

I am so glad we managed to go. Thanks a million buddy. It was the best wedding I have ever attended and it seems like it will remain so. We did not tell anyone that we were coming and rang the door bell just like that and it was so exciting for us and for friends. I just want to remember every detail forever!

The official part was a cocktail in a Tennis Club and then they took us to one of the best beaches in Turkey, to Cesme Kum Beach. How fun was that, how amazing. There were beer and tea service until 6 a.m. without even us asking while we were relaxing in the hot tub/ pool and watching the sun rise. It was a-ma-zing. Thank you Zeynep and the family. I mean: Wow!

I have been back for 3 days. Studying like a maniac. My allergies got the control. My brain is leaking through my nose. I feel horrible but I gotta do so many stuff. A friend of mine suggested that I should give birth and all my allergies will be gone. Haha! No harm comes from trying right? :)

Oh and my sister's weird and horrible rash caused by the drug the doctor prescribed and she had to take corticosteroids to suppress that. How crazy is that. The full story is in her funny and very useful blog here: Dear Lupus

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