My beloved Vaio

A mosquito with a pony tail :)

Above is one of the warm ups in shadow yoga called mosquito. My practice is still modified, so no more photos. Nowadays there was supposed to be a photo shoot for my yoga practice for archiving the progress. But with the bad knee muscles and the traumatised back you cannot really tell if there is any progress. 

Today I am being quite productive. Since I have to work on my talk, I am very prolific about every little thing which is not related to the talk.. I am also archiving today since I got the message from my beloved Vaio (my  vintage laptop :)) -after ignoring her more than a month- "Operating system not found". I was upset since I did not take the back up of some photos. I thought somebody dropped it when I was away cos' that was likely to be a harddisk error. Anyhow, I found the recovery CD since it did not even start rescue from the keyboard shortcuts and changed the bios settings and yup it was working until it was not. So it was hopeless. I lost all the photos. After couple of more tries, in despair I pressed the turn off button regarding my old friend as a salvage, with my mother on the back ground saying "I did not even touch it, I did not even know it was here... Probably she is only cross with you" etc. I really had an emotional link with my Vaio, recently no one could use it but me since it gone really weird and I had to run everything from the command line.. "Oh my Vaio Vaio" I was thinking. I gave it a one last chance, removed the CD and pressed the turn on... Voila!!! Everything was there, my amazing background with an amazing resolution, my music, my photos... Ah it felt so good. So I am taking the back up of my D drive.. I should use an online solution like Flickr or Picasa for my photos too. Will do it soon when I have more time. 

Vaios are great, the sound the resolution everything about them are amazing. I just love her! Thanks for hanging out buddy. I promise I will take a better care of you from now on..

Listening to the Cure, the soundrack of Closer and Kings of Leon- Milk (for the last one I have been looking for in vain in every online music world).. Feeling like old times... good times...

EDIT: My poor Vaio, after letting me graciously have my back up, it suddenly died... I guess this time irreversible. :(

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