Berlin in the weekend

Everything started with a pink balloon

Then came the currywurst!

And of course friends waiting in sunny cafes...

Ah soo comfortable...

Me helping out in the flea market... :)

Gorlitzer Park! Beautiful...

No partying today, although it was so tempting. Look at them!

These people know how to chill and party at the same time :)

Warschauer Strasse

Yeah, I feel so funny is this real life? :)

It was amazing weather, amazing weekend, and amazing experience. Sorry no library time spent and no sequel to my undercover story. But tomorrow is Monday and I will go to the library anyway. And from there I will report :)

I am sun burnt, sunstroked, extremely tired  and loving Berlin more than ever.. :) I already like it when there is no sun but when there is... and when everybody starts to live outside... I am just in love with it...

Have a great week everybody...

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