Projects.. projects...

How could I not want to go here(photo)  and walk... I am like a minute away from this beautiful landscape. But I feel so tired. I do not feel like doing anything but lying down, drinking hot tea and eat many many chocolates. Yup moon days :) No Yoga.... Lot's of feeling down. If I were doing very heavy sports everyday or twice a day like I used to do then I would not emotionally be a wreck at least. 

One of my projects is finishing. Re-knitting of a cardigan. I was gonna knit a pullover. But my mom suggested a re-knitting project which I liked. Photos will be coming soon.. 

I am not studying and I am beginning to feel the panic. I read only two pages in 10 days. My neurons do not want to jump, and make me smart and oh so smart...  I am really panicking. About the studies, about finding a house, about my body, about my exercises.  I am not in peace with my hormones.. 

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