Mood stimulation needed...

Me, my sister and mother. Photo Credit: My father

We will get through things eventually... Some stressful times, some stressful events.. But hey come on, look at us, we look like we can get through a lot of things :))

My sister and I went to a really really funny movie. It's Turkish and called "Eyvah Eyvah", at some point we laughed so hard we bumped our heads to each other. How is that possible?! :)) 

Originally we left the house to see "Alice in Wonderland" but contrary to what was said on the web page, the movie was dubbed and not 3D. So we decided against seeing it!

I did my practice at 10 pm. Lovely :) I probably will not be able to sleep for a long time. I hope sometime that timing of waking up and going to bed will be resolved. 

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