Want to move to Sydney..

Me and Sydney from the Sydney Zoo

As a philosopher of mathematics, I cannot tell you how important black swans are...

Bondi Beach in the Sunset. I did a bit of body surfing there..

Macquire University

On a ferry to my hotel from Circular Quay..

I went to a conference to present my paper in Sydney. I was so impressed by lovely people, the accent, the way they talk 'no worries luv' :), the laid back, relax culture. I am just settling in Berlin but my vagabond soul says, would not be wonderful to move and live in Sydney! I could have applied to a university in there, I was invited. But it was just too far away from my family, and a lot of people I love, so I could not dare. But suddenly I want to have a life there...

I actually want to settle for good on the other hand. This moving and setting up a life and moving again and again and again is really tiring, physically and emotionally. I am getting stronger each time. But I am really looking for some settled times...


  1. you are the master but small contribution from my side..if your soul, your mind is not set for settled life then believe me there isn't any.When you think now it is time for routine, then it will be changed by someone or some other idea..but it is how it is..:))I got approval for my side regarding this theory:)

    no worries...

  2. :) awright mate.. then I just need a camel and a horse..


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