Das Leben in Berlin....

My dinner this evening, filled with vitamins :) And my Cabarnet wine..

My walk yesterday in Grunewald before going to the Library...

My dangerous path from home to the Library :)

My way from Bioladen to my home. If it's not ice it's icy muddy water till the ankle :)

I slipped AND fell today. Usually everyday I slip, and I am always so close to falling. Today I just did not want to get out of the house. But I told my self, just don't think anything, get out, get on the S bahn, go the library. You do not have to work; do some reading, but just go. Of course now I feel great. But until the fall I was SO sleepy and lazy and not wanting to do anything. After the fall, there was an electroshock through my spine that made me laugh, and filled me with adrenaline. 

So anyway, I love libraries, and for the closing signal they play such a nice melody in the Brain. It was almost like a fire alarm in my old university which made me jump :)

There was no Yoga for couple of days, the moon days.. Tomorrow I can do some. Tomorrow I will also meet my possible landlady..

I feel like a cold might be coming down, so I am resting and eating fresh and vitamin rich...

Have a lovely weekend everybody...

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