Bloggers Day of Action for Haiti

We had an earthquake 12 years ago in Turkey. It was a huge disaster. I was close to the area, unharmed. But many people were not as lucky as me...It leaves a fear so horrible that does not leave you for a long time... It is a sad sad experience. I am really sad about what happened in Haiti, and I wish I could do more to help. If you are in a position to donate or help, especially for children, please visit unicef.org

Also please be equipped about what you need to do in case of an earthquake and be against the unplanned housing/ structuring in the crowded cities. If one person changes an attitude the rest will follow...

You can visit the facebook page of the Bloggers Day of Action for Haiti, for more information or go to huffingtonpost website for Carolyn Rubenstein's article.

Images via aphrochic and nina

Peace, Ozge

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