Focus and perseverance

I am grateful to my body that I can do all these asanas. I did 3 Surya Namaskar A and 3 Surya Namaskar B, then I did all the primary series. My paschimottasana is developing. I can almost feel my abdomen on my tighs. Joy...

When I do Uttasana, especially in the end of Surya Namaskar A, the transition to Urdhva Vrksasana could be a bit painful for my hip joints. So I always try to activate my muscels in my legs and butt as much as possible. Then they do not hurt. Hence I need the utmost concentration for that transition. I wish I could go to Mysore classes. At this stage I definetely need a trainer to watch me. Sighh. Well maybe when I am in Berlin I can start... Hopefully

I am glad yoga is in my life. It makes me a sane person, my shoulders do not hurt when I do it regularly, and I am learning to treat my self in a much better way [Negatively put I stopped torturing myself :)].. Namaste..

I cooked traditional Urla Ravioli today...
I do not want to forget how to cook it. So here is the remedy:

The dough:
Only water, salt and flour. Two globe shaped pieces dough, as big as the poi balls :) Put sunflower oil between them after flattening. Then thin and enlarge them with the pin. Cut them in squares

Cooked chickpeas, blackpepper, parsley, salt. Squash the chickpeas, chop the parsley, mix them all.

Put the filling on the squares, put another square on thop then fold the four sides by kinda entwisting the corners. Fry them, put some garlic yogurt on top. MMmmhhh my favorite dish in the world!

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