spring is here

Finally the spring is here. And hopefully life gets a bit more easier from here on. I now feel like I was in a cocoon for all the time that I did not post here. I learned, transformed, had the best and worst days of my life.
During these times I kept encountering so many beautiful mentors, through books, in person or through youtube. Today I keep remembering the two inspirational persons: John Sarno and Meghan Currie. One of them taught me the real cause of my back pain that would keep coming back since I am 15 and the other taught me to open and lift my heart through my yoga practice. As one of her friends wrote on her wall: 
"My skin, my fascia, my extended toes, charged up thighs, my magnetized right heel to left knee, hands to knees heart lifted high, high-pitched fluttering lips all thank you immensely from the depths of my highest vibration, my tallest vision, the I don't knows and I love you so's"
How beautiful practice that must be.. I learned through these two beautiful persons that, without having a flexible soul you cannot have a flexible body. Today. I practiced on bare ground of Tempelhof with bare feet, lifting my heart, touching the sun, embracing the smile that came from vibrations from body and soul. We drank many coffees, played like kids, and were warmed by the sun.  Loved my day. Namaste..