Suddenly I need a space where I can archieve pre-post-PhD panic research and keep the guidelines here for a while... 

Here they go:

Philosophia Mathematica (Initial Acceptance Rate: 0%)

Mind (Initial Acceptence Rate: 2.97%)

Topoi (Initial Acceptence Rate: 5.52%)

Nous (Initial Acceptence Rate: 5.52%)

Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (Initial Acceptance Rate: 8.33%)

Synthese (Initial Acceptance Rate: 7.02%)

Kant-Studien (Initial Acceptance Rate: 42.86%)

Dialectica (Initial Acceptance Rate: 6.25%)

AJP  (0%, 16%, R&R 59%)

Philosophical Studies  (11%, 29%, R&R 80%)

Philosophical Quarterly  (5%, 11%, R&R 68%)

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