Light in 5 C?

Duh, it's passed the middle April, but the weather is not like spring at all. There is some sun, at least, for that I am grateful. But yesterday was amazingly cold! I am looking forward to pack away winter coats and boots and scarfs etc. But we do not do that in here in Berlin, do we? :) Oh well we kinda do, it's not that bad.

Anyway here are some pictures from my healthy and light life project. I am carrying a book by Andrew Weil- Spontaneous Healing in the top photo. I came across to it spontaneously in a second hand book store :) . Colorful granny blanket, it has a waaay to go, but now I started to use as well Chakra colors in orders. Not surprisingly they look much better than a random mixture. And for eating, although I slipped a bit in the weekend and yesterday dinner, I cut white flour, sugar, processed salt and many immune system attackers from my eating habits. Feels good...

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