Bread Baking

After a looong weekend -it's Easter here-  on the last day of it I got a cold. Did I accidentally become gloomy and serious again and this is my body's warning maybe? Well, there were some lightness added to our days, but this holiday time meant only more studying - and once the paracetamol kicks in I will go on studying a bit more, in a light way of course ;)

On another note, we ran out of bread, the shops were closed and I baked one, it's so easy- this bread cooking. My parents do it everyday, of course they live in the country side and they grow their own tomatoes,  pumpkins and what not. Although I posted  photos of other baked breads here, I realized I have never revealed the recipe - this is difficult because I never use measuring. But I like The Beetle Shack's project, and Sunday cooking plan. I think it's brilliant,  during the days of dissertation writing,  my eating habit goes from the bad to worse, I eat raw broccoli, tomato paste, chocolate, seeds the whole day and never bother to cook something decent. I meant to give it a try for this Sunday, but the cold, the dissertation and so forth came in the way.. But managed to bake a bread and here the recipe goes:

Soak one tea spoon of yeast in a bit of warm water 
Put one tea spoon of sugar
Mix them and leave them
Then put some flour and water and mix them, put flour until the dove won't stuck your hands
Leave the dove in a warm place for couple of hours
Then if you want to put something inside on the top this is the time to put them
Put some olive oil and flour on the base of the pan (it will be easier to take the bread out after cooked this way)
And cook it in the oven hmm I guess 250 for some time, and 150 for some time. I usually watch and taste (You can see the tasting part on the photo :) Old fashioned check the knife for the dove will work as well)

This time I only used the white flour, because we did not have any whole grain, usually I mix half and half both. Using only whole grain makes it really hard to eat later.. 

Orchid Photo: It's blooming so beautifully, cannot take my eyes off of it.. 

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