It's been a long long time. There was a huge writer's block. After I got back from Izmir, it's been a roller coaster. I reviewed my first chapter and divided it into two and did some work on the second chapter- some technical game theoretical interpretation- it was so slow, so so slow, but I had to go slow. 

Then before I could get to write my own interpretation the yoga intensive teacher training month started. It's really great but it's also killing me. 7 hours a day yoga, including lot's of meditation, pranayama, and ashtanga principles could be overwhelming. 

You know in Turkey, the male population has to go to the army- no choice sorry! Well mine is much easier than the army service since I do not have the risk of being killed and it's much shorter (yes you can get killed in Turkey while you are doing army service since we are in an unspoken, stupid civil war). 

So I am considering this as my army service and try not to question it. Because with that kinda tired mind I can find so many reasons to ditch the training -did I tell you that I have to get up everyday at 6?-..

OK enough with the complaining...It's such a summery day here which was so rare this summer in Berlin, and I get to write my post, and I will go and buy some yarn for my scarf.. Oh yesterday I was knitting it next to the swimming pool, and a young woman was laughing and telling me it would make such a cool photo that I am knitting a scarf next to a pool, but then it got cloudy and cold before we get to chance to make a photo.. Well the weather like this makes us appreciate every moment the sun comes up...

Oh and the photo, remember these series? This is the hostel in the street where I used to live... They change the writing on the door periodically and I love it!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone...

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