Nowadays it's only yoga or writing my thesis. Last two weeks yogawise were horrible, I could only practice 30 minutes in a day when I can. And this reflected to my long practices  yesterday and today. My upper back leg muscles are suffering. My muscles tend to shorten in such a short time. It's unbelievable. However the improvement in parivritta parshvakonasana (revolved side angle pose- see picture) is making me content. Getting the help from legs is important; you use your legs, pushing them towards the ground and at the same time towards each other. This helps you to rotate. There is no work for the spine, the spine simply follows the movement. When done right it's very relaxing for my poor aching back -sitting in front of a computer with a deadline is a quite stressful thing- and the neck is long towards the raised hand. When you start the pose, you always look at the ground when turning which makes the pose harder. When G told me look up not down, trusting my balance was at stake and it took a while until I could do it.

 I needed to be closer to the ground. The pictures help me to see what I am really doing. In my mind all poses look so different than the pictures.  I cannot believe how much orange and pink exist in the picture :)

I am handing in my first chapter in 9 days. I found out about a method called "pomodoro". It's for time management. You use a digital counter designed for that purpose and do nothing but what you have to do in 25 minutes then take a short break for 5 minutes. The details are here. The counter is running as I am writing these words. I have only 25 minutes to finish this blog post.

It's funny, today I wrote about the concept of triangle in my thesis. And now writing about a triangle in the primary series. Just funny..

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