the fallen shelf and the new old mirror

DetailThe new mirrorNew old mirror

The other night, the shelf on the wall fell at 2 am at night. It was not the one above my head thankfully, but then of course I removed the one above my head.. Well the room looks kinda nicer now I think.

And on Sunday, I went to Boxhagener Platz to check on the flee market for some night stand lamps to put next to my bed. But this old east Germany lamps, although second hand is so expensive, instead I bargained on a mirror and got it for half the price. I did not even know whether I needed one, but the bargaining was fun and once I got the price I bargained for I could not stop my self from buying it.

And I am sick.. I think it's a cold. I cough a lot at nights, and my throat hurts, and I feel tired all the time. So it's a cold.. But I do not get sick a lot, so it's not my place to complain really. It's just my excuse to stay at home and try different types of teas with honey and eat delicious salads.

And I am sick of unintentionally blurry photos and my camera. If you have great lenses and an awesome spare DSLR feel free to wrap them up for me for Christmas :)

Have a healthy week everyone..

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