Weekend Love

Library Freie BrainSony CenterSony CenterBerlin Mitte 9am SaturdayZehlendorf, going to Yoga

Hello dear reader. No I was not hunted by the fox, but I did not take many photos this weekend, well it was not a weekendy weekend. I rested a bit but mostly studied in the library and went to my Yoga classes... That's not true. I did not study on Sunday, I thought about it a lot. I could not decide whether taking a break is good or not then I voted for a one day break and just did almost nothing. There were no tickets left for Blonde Redhead Concert so went to Eat Pray and Love and liked it. But today I realized that breaks are not good for me, hello full throttle Oz. I realized one more thing: I do not believe in Umbrellas, I was so sure that I did not believe in Umbrellas, as a joke today I came across with the subjects of the first photo above. Silly Umbrellas and the invisible man...

Have a good, warm week, dear dear reader ...

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