Design Tuesday

image via unruly-things

I am not down or anything , but it always relaxes me and feels so easy to look at beautifully organized and decorated rooms, houses. I could change couple of things in this house but also would live in it without any complaints. Still... my favorite is this bedroom..

I am feeling geeky nowadays and started to connect my accounts on twitter, facebook and blogger. Let's see how it works. This post is also a test run to see how  all these function.

I am also organizing everything in flickr and I think I will go pro and use it to store all the photos I own and all the future photos I will ever take. Then I need to connect blogger and flickr.

I now stop complaining about the heat. After begging my parents to install an AC in their house I just found out that in the attic we have a fan! I carried the box down, cleaned every peace- no dust is allowed for me-, put it together and voila, I am a happy gal, being able to study - in a distant future at least-

Today is dark moon, so don't worry if your energy level is very low today. And the third day without a yoga practice for me since in ashtanga yoga we do not practice in the full and new/dark moon.

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