Summer in the city

The t-shirt is a gift from Nesin Matematik Koyu. Loving it. Thanks..

It's been quite a summer here. Today first time in weeks the breathing was possible. The luxurious part is that our library has AC. In Istanbul we have not in the library I studied. So when the summer hit Berlin I either went to the lake, sat in the water, read some or went to the library enjoy the cool air, stocked some breaths for the unbelievably humid warm night and studied. 

I started my thesis. When you stop expecting help and and for real stop expecting help and know that you are not the baby bird which will be taught to fly anymore, you just must have the courage and stamina or build them from the beginning. I already flew once, so nobody will teach me it the second time. Now I know that. And the suggestions I got from several university pages helped of course. The most helpful one was: recycle. Yes. The best way to start a big project. Recycle..Of course from your own previous work.

I want to like my work, my writing... I want to have my own style... There is still much to be done.Still lots of stamina and courage to build. There is quite a lot sweat to be sweated.And then the most important of all: continuity

Ah and I learned LaTeX. Nothing to be scared of, really! The new versions are piece of cake. WinEdt is a very good editor if you are curious..

Now time for bed. My sleeping schedule is a chaos  once again.. Blame it on series and the good books...I am so hungry for the fiction, I can just eat the books

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