Muscle Memory

Me and the Sister drinking tea in Urla

It's amazing how muscle memory works. I mentioned it before, I played basketball for 12 years- 9 years competitive and with very heavy practices. That's why it is very hard for me to be comfortable in Paschimottasana if I have a break from my yoga practice. My hamstrings are tend to shorten very fast because of all this basketball practice - I assume. But really, I can do squats forever even if I do not practice them for ages and I do not feel tired a bit, but just not forcing my back when I stretch to my toes is almost impossible if I do not try it more than a week. I, now been practicing my Ashtanga Yoga for almost a year. I do not know if I am improved much, but I am loving it everyday a bit more... How I wish I could practice it uninterrupted for years and years and years...

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