More Currants

I am up in wee hours of the night. I slept only three hours yesterday from 6-9 am. Then today from 9 pm-12 am. My Da Vinci  sleeping schedule is back. I hope it leads to something good :) Anyway, I just woke up and the cats and they wanted to go out and I open the door to let them out, and these beautiful bowl was standing right in front of my door. My nice neighbor left it. They are so delicious and from our garden. Mmmhh.

Today was such a lucky day in terms of bureaucracy, academy and shopping. I do not understand how one day on purpose without any reason you can be so lucky. 

I had to go to the municipality to apply for some of the papers and I did not even now I was eligible for them. Right before I enter the building a nice guy hold the door for me and give me his queue number since he did not need it anymore. And it was my turn in five minutes. Otherwise I would have to wait for more than an hour. And when I went to get some lemonade from a market before that, I only had my lemonade in my hand and a lady was already in cashier with a lot of goodies in her basket and she said please go ahead and that's why I got the number too. And today was a series of these events. 

I met PhD adviser and he was so helpful, and I was already loosing hope on him because he is always so busy and he talks to me in German all the time. But today we discussed my paper for more than hour and I could understand everything he said and we were speaking the same language. That is so important in academia, you can speak in your native language with your professor but yet not speak the same language. His comments were so stimulating and I am grateful for that. 

And then of course there are those days, without any reasons you get unlucky. No matter how much you smile, and try to change your luck, it just sticks with you like a dark cloud above your head for the whole day. 

I wish I knew the formula to make these lucky days. It felt soooooo good. Thank you everybody, who made my day into an amazing day...

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