LUPUS (SLE) or in other words my sister's illness

When my sister was diagnosed with Lupus, none of us heard of this disease before and she had been going to the doctors for more than 8 months. Lupus is not known much and awareness is close to nothing in Turkey, which makes self diagnosis rare. There are no support foundations or groups known to me apart from some online communities. It is a weird disease, your immune system cannot tell the difference betweeen antibodies and invaders and attacks its own healty tissues. Ezgi had been to the Romatologs with full symptoms and they have failed to diagnose it. Unbelievable.

The causes are not known to science. They guess it could be genetic, mixed with environmental effects and hormones. How not to activate it? Don't get stressed! Piece of cake..

If you like to have more information, here are some links for you:

What is it and what are the causes: Lupus Foundation of America
Turkish blog: Lupus Hastalari Paylasim Alani
Facebook groups you can support: Lupus Support


  1. I've read a lot about it before. I heard treatment possible in some cases with chinese herbal medicine. check these articles out.

    contact me for more info if you like.



  2. Great, Ezgi'ye gonderiyorum, ben de okuyorum bunlari.

    Thanx a lot Zimurgh!


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