Spring with the hail storm

My flatmate's kinder garden surprises

Today was SO cold. There was a hail storm. Eventhough when I was biking in relatively dry weather I had to stop and wear my wool gloves.Yes, I carry gloves... 

Today was just a better day. Which came with the acceptances of the facts in my life. Acceptance is not giving up but just acknowledging where you are at the moment... Acknowledging what's going on with you instead of constantly trying to change. It's all about adapting eventually...

I studied really good today... I love reading meta-subject things.. It's a good thing that I chose philosophy as a job.

Oh the photo! I was almost forgetting. My flatmate/ flat owner is a kinder garden teacher and these trolls are gifts for each child in the kinder garden. She made them herself! It is a forest kinder garden. Which means they play in the forest 9-1 everyday. No matter if it snows, if  it's -22, or if it's raining. It's such an amazing concept for me. So these trolls are their going away present, which keep the children company for the whole year along . Well children cannot see them the whole year. But since they are leaving, trolls make themselves visible and decide to join the children for the rest of their lives! I just love the story...

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