A Sunday in Berlin Mitte, looking so not like Berlin :)

Exhibition in Oranienburger Street. Above is an occupied house.

I forgot to take pictures of the flea market in Mauerpark. I arrived there quite late. It was SO crowded and a bit touristic. It's interesting to see such a big flea market but it was not my style. I found it a bit expensive. I am planning to check each Sunday a different one. 

Yesterday was a quite a Sunday like Sunday.. I liked it. G. gave me a review about relativity and quantum theory over coffee and croissants which helped me dozens! I am quite relieved about the topics. At least I know now which parts I will put in my talk.. 

I have to apply for residence permit and it is legendarily hard process.. I am supposed to go and wait in a line by 5 am. Aaaaaarrgghh too much pressure. I am waiting for my health insurance documents to arrive!  I just have to wait, and maybe wait for another day if I cannot get it the first day... It's all about waiting, relax...

Reminiscences of Sunday for relaxing now... 
Flea markt, Berlin wall sight seeing, coffees, heffe weisen, random laughters and encounters with friends...Nice....

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