My external force: shaking my head?

Newton's first law of graduation: "A grad student in procrastination tends to stay in procrastination unless an external force is applied to it". I have spent 8 hours in the school- most of them in the library to read five pages. Well it's quality not quantity right? My procrastination basically went like this: read magazines, check out facebook, read emails, lie in the sun, eat for a looong loong time, drink hot chocolates.... 

I will take part in the first class in Uni tomorrow.. And maybe will go and listen some math classes just to learn German. Haha! What could be my external force? Really, shaking head works, no?

I should check out what's going on in Berlin...It's time to get engaged with the city. Should not abandon a big city like that  for this amount of time. Just not fair..


  1. procrastnation:) today, in one of my grad classes, my professor said " procrastnation is a cultural illness for Turkish people". now i am also suffering from, thursday is the deadline of my paper, but still do not feel that external force on me ..:)
    ex housemate

  2. Hahahaha :) it's a universal disease for grad students actually. So Turkish people share something with grad students. :)))))) Shake your head B'cim. Who knows, it can work!

  3. may be shaking or a double espresso with almond helped me, my brain functions somehow, cant believe i have started to write:) thanks:))


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