Motion in Urdhva Padmasana

Two months ago, I wrote about my new year resolutions. It's good to see that, I have already accomplished one or two and have taken steps towards achieving the others. Some of them looked so hard at the time, like finding a long term accommodation... Life is never how we expect it to be. Without thinking of these resolutions today I hanged posters around the school to find a tandem. Then I saw that it was on my list... 

I observe my feelings nowadays a lot. Try to stay out of them but not suppressing. When there is a hard, sad feeling that I cannot deal with I try to think of it as if it's someone else's. Then I can be more objective. But to achieve this is so hard. It's a constant battle. And I am very tired today... No Yoga for three days due to moon days... And I need it so much.. Can I bike tomorrow morning to Wannsee? Then study for 4 hours and get organized? What will life bring? My mind is SO full. Let's see what will tomorrow be like... 

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