It's finished. In the process my mother helped a lot. My aunt was here today and she helped with some finishing touches. It was so cozy, with all of us, talking, sewing, cooking. My aunt told me some stories about their parents. They come from Greece... They are Turkish but were living in the mountains of Greece. My grandfather, while hunting fell from a cliff, a very high cliff and could not be found for some time. He was in coma for a long time. The village people wrapped him up in a sheep leather, and waited for him to get well. My grandparents were engaged at this point. And then my grandmother's father asked my grandmother, whether she was sure to marry him, since he fell and probably had no brains :) LOL..She said yes, and here I am.. And he had quite the brains :)

Did you see the heart shape logo, in the back. I am planning on becoming a trademark and this is my logo :)

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