This is where I have been walking

This is how I have been working

This is how it smells

This is where I have been staying. (Jetpack Eco)

This is how the weather was 

I found a room. It's quite far from the center. But it's 10 minutes bike ride to the beautiful forest Grunewald and 10 minutes bike ride to the library and the university... I am moving tomorrow morning.. I need a bike immediately.. I should resume my study. I stopped by the library just for the sake of stopping by. Set up my internet account. Looked at my book, just stared. Then left for seeing my room. 

I carried my yoga-mat all day long for a chance to practice some asanas in the forest but it rained when I was willing and the weather became nice as I became exhausted. I practiced some warm ups and Surya Namaskars in the evening.. Tomorrow is full moon, no yoga.. I slept only 3 hours in 2 days and cannot sleep due to over-exhaustion.. Oh Well... All I need to do is to move tomorrow. And maybe a bit of library visit and a bit of handcraft practice and hanging posters for lecture giving... Oh Well... Just moving then..

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