Welcome sports..

Me playing football :)

I swam for an hour yesterday. I did some practice as well. It was short, so far away from a full primary. Today's practice was short as well. But I ran for 20 minutes. Last 2 minutes being a real run. It felt great. I am so addicted to sweating, adrenaline, endorphins. I also made a playlist for running, can't wait for tomorrow. 

Today was such a busy day.. Lot's of optimization, applications, travel arrangements, decision makings. I need to run nowadays. Or else I can just explode. 

For learning German I only searched for German blogs of interest without any success...

For my thesis I have done nothing..

For that white bedroom I dreamed for a while..

"Moderation and grace" is in my life.. I am glad..

I checked for apartments yesterday and did not find a good one. 

These are the developments towards my new year resolutions.. :)))

Oh I love endorphins, everything looks easy! 

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