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Amazing sports day. I feel good and tired. We woke up early and went to the university for some paper works, registration, paying, receiving :) So anyway we ended up finished with everything and having nothing to do by 10 am. Went to Bebek of course, then had a latte, chilled for a w-h-i-l-e! And finally I made myself go to swimming in the university's pool, after an uphill walk from Bebek to Etiler. There should be a cable car between this line! It would make millions in a year.

Mark Spitz! Hero of the swimming :)

I think Yoga and inhaling exercises somehow improve your performance. I swam front crawl for 10 laps! As I continued after the 5th lap, quite surprised and not breathless, I had no idea that I was destined for 10 laps! :)... It felt really good. I did some warm ups and couple of asanas as well.

Now I will be working on the foreword -finishing touches for real!. I wish I could send it today or tomorrow.

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