Early day and an early latte...

Photos from Badeschiff web site
I am planning to go to Badeschiff for swimming and sauna then to the library.

I woke up early today.  When I open my eyes and see the sun , I am up quite motivated. Which is rare here :)

Aaaand, that is my first "almost" successful latte

I still haven't visited Yoga this morning. I practiced some asanas even yesterday, after a night of drinking. But yesterday was a bit of a hard day of course. With a lot of toxins in my body and uncontrolled emotions. Hangovers mostly do that, I am pulled into a dark emotional loop. But then I walked in the heavy snow fall for 20 minutes and was feeling much better..It's amazing that your thoughts sometimes cannot control your emotions. Hangover + PMS is a strong combination for domination of your feelings... I kept telling my self, it's just for today, just you need to pass today, but I was still feeling sad without any reasons. That is gone and my cheery me is back. What a relief.

Have a lovely day everybody!

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