Back in Izmir

Me competing in Uluday-Tutyeli

I feel like this picture but more of a "full throttle towards the dark side".. 

I am back in Izmir. I am so tired since I stayed up two nights: One reading Devlet Ana by Kemal Tahir -beautiful book- and one travelling. I slept on and off most of the time today. 

I was feeling really down for couple of days because of the life I am leading. But then I have to remember I chose this, sometimes it's really hard, but everything comes with a package. This life comes with a lot of travelling and carrying lots of luggages and moving too much. Oh, I just want to be spoiled and be sorry for myself..

.. But of course I should not and will not. Travelling part is really nice. I love it... And I did some practice before I moved my stuff yesterday, it was a short but a nice one. I felt how much tension was built in my muscles only in four days. No yoga today. I would like to start an intensive ashtanga month. Every life needs a center, a yardstick and I guess mine is my yoga practice...

I will be in Istanbul next week. Missed my friends.. Really looking forward to seeing them..

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