Skateboarding in Berlin

Image by edsphotography

I decided to take my skateboard with me.... Kaan got it for me on my 30th birthday, and I was the happiest person on earth when I saw it. It is quite meaningful to get a skateboard(!) on your 30th(!) birthday from your boyfriend!

I have been living on a farm for the last 4 months and of course it was not possible to skate :)

Berlin is a flat city with a lot of bike roads. I love to bike, but I will not get a bicycle for the first month and carrying the skateboard in the crowded trams is much easier than trying to shove your bike in. In this cold weather it should be more practical than the bikes. I am hoping that bike roads will be snow free.

By the way I found this amazing mom's skateboarding website, which really motivated me.

We almost have no neighbors around but if you want to send a passive aggressive message to your neighbors through your WiFi connection, here is a quite funny idea. LOL

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