Busy busy busy...

Suddenly I am SO busy again. I have been working since I am up. Will be going to the library soon and have my dinner in the school.

Tomorrow is Full Moon, so no Yoga. I had  quite a short visit to Yoga today. Just some warm ups and Surya Namaskar and Savasana.

Yesterday night was a Museum Night here. We went to the Museum of Photography. It was dominated by Helmut Newton. I am not sure if I liked it, it was impressive but quite edgy..

It's so warm for the last two days. I mean 2 C degrees. But it really feels warm, and all the snow is melting...

I feel very productive today. It must be the Full moon's effect: energetic but not well grounded :))) Well I am trying to do 5 things at the same time.. I, moreover, really feel more head strong!

Anyway, have a great weekend everybody..

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