Gifts and Archeology

Again an early amazing birthday gift, this time from my sister, and my sister Ezgi in Agora- Smyrna (Izmir) We were there two days ago. My maternal grandparents used to live nearby this historical site.

Back then, Agora was like 100 squaremeter ruins with urine smell and beer bottles underground. Now it's quite well maintained. And it's huge. It can be as big as the Forum in Rome soon. They are demolishing the apartments that are built on the ruins..

"Benim dostum, bu gunlerde isimiz pek azdir, onun icin size bir iki satir yazayim. Senin askerlik nasil oldu? Bana bir mektup yaz insallah iyisin" :)

It's an original postcard. The person who wrote this used the English spelling for Turkish letters, it is so funny to find out that this was written 100 years ago. It's hung on the wall of Aci Kahve- Kizlaragasi Han. Their coffee is amazing by the way..

My gift wrap from Kaan :) My green mate ...It was the head of the whole pack!

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